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Italian Pod 101 Review

Traveling to Italy and want to learn some Italian in a hurry? Looking for an Italian learning program that is customized to your skill level? Then you've come to the right place!

What is Italian Pod 101

Italian Pod 101 is an online Italian language educational course designed to help novices, beginners, and advanced Italian speakers alike improve their abilities. They offer audio and video lessons broken down into four different skill levels. This allows Italian Pod 101 students to customize their lessons. So whether you're looking to cram for an exam or gain fluency in order to live in Italy, Italian Pod 101 is for you.

What will I learn with Lingo Basics?

Italian Pod 101 is a comprehensive online learning program that will educate you on the following aspects of the Italian language:

  • Pronunciation
  • Basic Phrases
  • Italian Culture
  • Business Survival Phrases
  • Traveling Lingo
  • Informal Italian Slang
  • Directions
  • Numbers
  • Marketplace Assistance
  • ...and much more!

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Is there a risk with Italian Pod 101?

No! Italian Pod 101 is so sure they can provide you with the best approach to learning Italian effectively and quickly that they'll give you 100% money back if you are unhappy with their product for any reason. If you're not satisfied, simply request a refund and it's yours no questions asked. Best of all, Italian Pod 101 is affordable Italian learning. Their basic package runs at just $4 a month while their premium package is $10 a month. What a small investment compared to language learning schools that handcuff your schedule and teach you at a slower group pace.

Well, what are you waiting for?

Reaching your goals for Italian learning is just a click away!

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Learn Italian the easiest way and for free, have fun and enjoy our lessons!


Level I

Lesson1: Italian Present Tense, Plural, Articles, Italian Numbers, Alphabet

Lesson2: Italian Irregular Verbs, Italian Reflexive Verbs

Lesson3: Italian Past Participle, Comparative, Superlative, Demonstrative Pronouns

Lesson4: Italian Past Tense, Present Perfect, Interrogative, Possessive, Pronouns

Lesson5: Italian Prepositions, Model Verbs, Italian Future Tense

Lesson6: Italian Adjectives, Negation, Past Perfect in Italian

Lesson7: Italian Gerund Imperative and Adverbs

Level II

Lesson1: Italian Past Tense, Imperfetto, Perfect, and Remote Past

Lesson2: Conditional, Italian Idioms and Proverbs

Lesson3: Subjunctive, More Italian Idioms, Proverbs, and Essential Dictionary

Lesson4: Italian Conjunctions, Italian Ci and Ne, and More Italian Vocabulary

Lesson5: Surviving in Italy, Eating, Drinking in Italy. More Italian Words To Know.

Lesson6: Getting Around Italy Transport, Italian Trains, Buses, and Traffic

Lesson7: Italian False Friends, Wrong Italian Words in English

Italian Expressions

Emergency in Italy

Hotel, Museum, Guided Tour, Shopping

Sentence Quiz

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